How to Remove Empty or Null Values From Array in JavaScript

Jan 05, 2020 · Article · 1 min, 136 words

In this topic, we are going to learn how to remove empty, null or undefined values from an array in JavaScript.

Consider an Array

Let’s consider an array:

let arrary  = ["data1", "data2", "", "10", "", undefined, 25, null, 40];

We are going to remove empty, undefined and null values from this array.

Remove Values

To remove these values we will use filter() method. Let’s use this:

let arrary  = ["data1", "data2", "", "10", "", undefined, 25, null, 40];

const filtered_array = arrary.filter(el => el);


Now check the console log and the output looks like:

(5) ["data1", "data2", "10", 25, 40]


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