Laravel Plural Strings Based on the Count

Hello Artisans, today I'll show you how we can show the string in singular/plural form based on the count of an item/items. Suppose, we're working on an ecommerce project, and there is a cart system where we've to show how many item/items user added to his cart. But one thing, you should notice item/items, which is come by the count of product/item user added to his cart. So, today's tutorial was about how we can easily show the singular/plural form of a string based on the item count in our Laravel Application.

Note: Tested on Laravel 9.19.

plural() helper method

We can easily pluralize the any word using the plural() helper method of Str::class. See the below code snippet for more info.


use Illuminate\Support\Str;

$itemCount = 1;

$cartItems = Str::of('item')->plural($itemCount);
// it'll print item 

$itemCount = 10;

$cartItems = Str::of('item')->plural($itemCount);
// it'll print items

Not only that we can use it for complex strings which plural forms are somewhat unconventional. Like if we see the below code snippet we can understand better.


use Illuminate\Support\Str;

$plural = Str::of('child')->plural(5);
 //it'll print children

Hope you understand what a simple and useful method it is. Hope you'll be helpful using this method.

That's it for today. Hope you've enjoyed this tutorial. Thanks for reading. 🙂