7 Powerful Reasons Why You Should Choose WordPress

Published: Apr 18, 2017 - Updated: Mar 16, 2022

Confusion of choosing the best content management systems (CMS) for your website?

No doubt, WordPress is the best solution for this. Why? Let’s analyze.

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Key Features of Choosing WordPress

Take a look at the key, attractive and powerful features of WordPress.

Totally Free and Open Source
Easy to Handle and Set up
Secure & Search Engine Friendly
Flexible and Mobile Optimized
Huge Collection of Themes and Plugins
Constantly Improving
Automatically update

Totally Free and Open Source

WordPress is AWESOME. And most awesome is that it’s free. Unlike other CMS, WordPress is completely open source and totally FREE. You can easily download WordPress and setup on your own host. There are so many themes and plugins. You have full control over your website. You never worry about any hidden changes.

Great thing is that WordPress is open source. You can modify everything as your wish. You will need to pay only for web hosting services.

Easy to Handle and Set up

WordPress takes up to 5 minutes to install. It’s known as “Famous 5-Minute Install“. So fast. You can easily install any theme and plugin to your website. When any update will come, it automatically appears on your website. Just you have to click the update button to get the update.

Another thing is that if you will use JetPack by WordPress.com plugin, you will able to use WordPress mobile app. By this mobile application, you can easily handle your website. Download WordPress for Android from Google Play and for iOS from iTunes.

Secure & Search Engine Friendly

WordPress is best CMS ever. Generally, WordPress is the target of hackers. To handle this WordPress authority takes it very seriously. WordPress continuously update their software to prevent from hack. You should know about Hardening WordPress.

“WordPress automatically solves a ton of SEO issues” – Matt Cutts of Google

By build, WordPress is very SEO friendly. Your website will more SEO friendly in WordPress. There are so many SEO plugins like Yoast SEO, All in SEO Pack etc. You man choose Yoast SEO as your SEO plugin.

Flexible and Mobile Optimized

WordPress is enough flexible to transform a blog website into E-commerce, Social Network, Jobs Portal or even a Dating website. WordPress is a complete Content Management System. Using your imaginations, you can do anything in WordPress. Header, Footer, Sidebar, Navigation bar, widgets are very user-friendly. To modify WordPrees, you don’t know web programming mandatory. Without knowing any programming knowledge you can easily handle WordPress. By using many powerful plugins, you can make your website more strong and more flexible.

It is also very mobile-friendly. To control your WordPress site, you can use WordPress’s mobile application.

Huge Collection of Themes and Plugins

WordPress is super customizable and flexibale. You can set any type of themes and plugins. There are a lots of themes and plugins you will find in WordPress directory. It’s about 2700+ WordPress themes and 32000+ WordPress Plugins. Beside this, you also find huge premium themes and plugins in the market.

You can use WordPress in many categories. Here some examples:
1. Portfolio
2. Business
3. E-commerce
4. Blog
5. Arcade
6. Membership
7. Booking
8. Coupon/Offer
9. Gallery
10. Real estate

Constantly Improving

Day by day WordPress is improving. WordPress team continuosly improving and fixing their bugs. They constantly introduce with new updates. For this, the security and performance of WordPress is increasing.

Automatically update

The amazing feature is that when any update comes, it automatically apears in top bar of the admin panel. You can get this update by clicking only one button. Your old posts, pages, medias, settings etc. will still remain same. The update take so less time.

I hope you understood about WordPress. You are able to make any type of website with WordPress content management systems (CMS). I highly recommend you to use WordPress as your CMS. If you have any query just comment below. I will try to reply you as soon as possible. Goodbye.


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