How to Install Postfix on CentOS 8

In this article, I’m going to share how to install Postfix on CentOS 8 server. Let’s see:

Table of Contents

  1. Remove Sendmail
  2. Install Postfix
  3. Install Email Client

Remove Sendmail

We need to remove Sendmail if it is installed on your system. Run this command to remove:

sudo dnf remove sendmail

Install Postfix

So, we don’t have any Mail Transfer Agent (MTA) on our server. Now we can install Postfix:

sudo dnf install postfix

Check whether Postfix is installed or not:

rpm -qa|grep postfix

After that we need to enable & start Postfix:

# enable
sudo systemctl enable postfix

# start
sudo systemctl start postfix

Now we can check status:

systemctl status postfix

Install Email Client

We’ll install mailx email client to check email send:

sudo dnf install mailx

After installation, I’m going to send a test mail to my system’s admin user obydul:

mail obydul

Hit enter. The system will ask to provide “Subject“. Then hit enter again and write the email body. After writing body, hit enter and type dot (.) & hit enter again to send mail.

To check whether the email has arrived at its destination, log in as root from the recipient side, and type mail in the terminal.


You’ll see the output like:

Done! Postfix has been successfully installed on your CentOS 8. ?

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