How to fix ‘This site ahead contains harmful programs’ Error in WordPress

In this tutorial I will share with you how to fix harmful programs error in word press .if you are beginner or expert we will be facing this problem, because it very common error and one of the most disgusting error I have ever faced. So  let’s now  fix it.

Reason for This Site Contains Harmful program Error

Due to the number of reason, it can happen, most of them happen for website hack or malware effect .another important reason behind that, a website visitor can affect the website due to disturbed malware. Google marks a website with this warning if they find any suspicious code that could be a malware or trojan. This warns users to be careful when visiting these sites

Another important reason to occur these error for low-quality adverting network .to find this malicious code on your site. you can also check your site using Google safe browsing tools.

You need to add the domain name as the query parameter to URL like this:

Fix this site Contains harmful program error

As stated earlier, this error is caused by a security breach on your website. This is why often times, even upon removal of the malware, it keeps recurring. That is typically due to the hacker’s having discovered what is commonly known as a backdoor to your website. In network security, a backdoor refers to a security vulnerability, that hackers can exploit to circumvent the site’s security. It can take the form of a stolen password, having bad file permissions and other vulnerabilities.

Once you have successfully removed the backdoor, you will still need to thoroughly check all your files and database for any malicious code

As you can see that cleaning up and infected WordPress site can be a very tedious task. This is why we use Sucuri  on all our websites.

Sucuri is one kind of security service which is monitoring the word press site. It monitor word press site 24 hours. It blocks the  hacking attempt on your site and cleaning up all kind of malware and Trojan

It has decent amount of cost year 199$ a freelance security expert may charge you upwards of $250 per hour.

Getting the warning Removed by Google

Once you are hundred percentage sure that your website has no malicious code. You can ask Google for removing search result . you will need to Google webmaster tool for that . you will need click to security issue section on webmaster tools. his page will list any security issues Google may have found on your website. You will also see the links to resources on clean up on your site.

If you don’t see any security issue in Google webmaster tools, then you should follow to report incorrect phishing warning    

We hope this article helped you site ahead contains harmful programs error.