Laravel ‘cross-env’ Is Not Recognized as An Internal or External Command [Solved]

Last modified on June 12, 2020 24 sec read

We may face this error if we run npm run dev this. We need to make cross-env working globally instead of having it in the project.

Solution 1

  1. Delete node_modules folder from your project.
  2. Run npm install --global cross-env this command.
  3. Delete "cross-env": "^5.0.1", from package.json file devDependencies section.
  4. Run npm install --no-bin-links
  5. Now run npm run dev to what happens.

Solution 2

  1. Delete node_modules directory from your project.
  2. Delete package-lock.json file.
  3. Start command prompt as Administrator.
  4. Run npm install
  5. Then Run npm run dev

Note: I’ve found this answer in StackOverflow. I hoe this link will help you too. Thanks. 🙂

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