How To Write Perfect Blog Content That Will Increase Traffic

Worry to write/choose the right blog content?

Today we are going to discuss the blog contents. Which content will better for us? What topic should I take? Will the content give a better amount of money? We are thinking about this types of questions. In this topic, I will try my best to talk about the best topic/content for a blog.

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Okay, let’s start our mission. This is the main point of a blog website. Your time and industry can go wrong if you select wrong content for your blog. So be careful about this. You have to write helpful contents.

To write a blog, please keep these things in your mind:

Target Your Audience
Don’t Copy Content
Choose Attractive Headline for Your Article
Content Must be Helpful
How Long Should Be

Target Your Audience

Before starting your blogging journey, you have to know who is your audience. Who will read your article? If I failed to target my audience, my all industry can go wrong. You can ask some questions to yourself to target the best audience for your blog. Such as:

In which country are they live?
How old are they?
Are they students?
Male or female?
Who is going to read it?

There are some great tools that will help you to find your real audience. In the beginning,  you may boost a few articles of yours via Facebook.  Then you can easily get data of your audience. Let’s see,

One of my Facebook page’s Insights:

Choose Audience

In this screenshot, we notice that 86% men are engaged. For this type of articles, you may target men.

You may also get data from Google Analytics, Facebook pixel etc.

Google Analytics Dashboard:

Choose Audience

This is one of my Google Analytics dashboard. Here we notice that top peoples are from India. So, for this type of articles, you may write for the Indian audience.

Don’t Copy Content

Be alert of coping any content from other websites. Copying blog articles to another website/blog is surely not a good habit. After the latest Google update, one of the most important ranking factors is Unique content. Google won’t approve copy paste article. Always try to write an article without copy paste. Original content is the true king. Search engines don’t like to index copy paste that means duplicate contents because it tends to be redundant. Copying articles is a form of duplication and this practice is penalized by Google Penguin.

Always embrace originality. Write an organic article to get more clicks, shares and more audience. A genuine content will spread quickly and you will earn more. The organic article is very helpful for SEO. Really originality is the king.

“Important: The Lowest rating is appropriate if all or almost all of the MC (main content) on the page is copied with little or no time, effort, expertise, manual curation, or added value for users. Such pages should be rated Lowest, even if the page assigns credit for the content to another source.” – Google Search Quality Evaluator Guidelines March 2017

You can use this Plagiarism Checker to check your content.

Choose Attractive Headline for Your Article

It is another technique of getting user. You have to write any article with the attractive title. People first read the Headline and then click on the link. So, if your article’s Heading or Title will not attractive, fewer people will click and read your article.

To earn the highest number of click-throughs, your Headline should contain 55 characters. Approx 6 words in Headline/Title is best for getting many clicks. Your Headline will get right length if your Title will contain 6 words and length is 55 characters. See this example:

Best Heading/TitleTo make powerful Title, you can use some Emotional, Common and Uncommon words in your Title. this tricks will help you to get more clicks. What’s are the Emotional, Common and Uncommon words? Okay, I am going to write some Emotional, Common and Uncommon words.

Some Emotional Words: Density will 10-15%.

Some Common Words: Density will 20-30%.

Some Uncommon Words: Density will 10-20%.


We talked about some Common, Uncommon and Emotional words. I’m going to write some Powerful Words that will help to get more Traffics.

Some Powerful Words:

will make youmake youpay zeroyou need to know
you see whatthing I’ve ever seenwhat thisno questions asked
in the worldfor the first timeyouthat will

Content Must be Helpful

Before writing any content always think about your audiences. What do they love? Will this article help them? After 10 more years, will it still valuable? Just ask these type of questions to yourself. Then you sit down to write a content.

One important thing you have to know. Write an article for Lazy people. To read your article, the audience won’t want to make an effort. So, make your content easy to read.

Don’t forget to keep this tricks in your mind when you will write an article:

Try to put important information in the first paragraph.
Always write for Lazy audiences.
Must avoid complex sentences.
Try to use Blod text, Color, Icon before any Heading in your content.
Always ignore unnecessary words.
Make your Blog Scannable.

Try to maintain readability of your content. Always try to remove to difficult and transition words. Make Short sentences and paragraphs aren’t too long.

How Long Should Be

To rank well in the search engines, your article should have at least 300 words. Many bloggers said that standard article should contain 300-600 words. But if your article contains 1000+ words, it will the higher chance of getting good rank in search engines. If it is possible to write 2000+ words, then you will get more organic traffic.

That’s all. I hope this article will help you to write any content. Best of luck.

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