WordPress SEO Tip for Beginners – How to Optimize Your WordPress Blog Posts

WordPress is the most popular content management system in the world. There’s a good chance you’ll need to optimize or work on a website that uses Word Press. We notice that beginner install and active the SEO plugin but there are never used properly. By using SEO functions properly for each post, you can definitely improve your search rankings. There is a lot you can do to optimize your blog posts, so they can perform better in search results. So, we will share how to optimize your word press blog posts.

We use the WordPress Yoast SEO plugin to optimize our blog posts. Here is an example.

Choosing a Focus Keyword

It is very important to choose the right keyword in WordPress. if you focused on the main keyword you post get automatically higher rank because of choosing a better a keyword. We know that human is not searching engine people are searching on the search engine and they will find the right keyword. People don’t just type one keyword in search engines, they use phrases. Your focus keyword can be a phrase.

In that case, WordPress Yoast SEO allows you to choose a focus keyword for an individual post.

WordPress SEO will show you how many times you have used the keyword in different areas of your post.

Writing a Good SEO-Friendly Post Title

A good SEO friendly post title is human readable. When your page appears in the search results, a user will decide whether or not they want to click on it based on the SEO title and the description in the search snippet.one of the most important thing in SEO make sure that your SEO title describes exactly what people will get if they clicked on the link.

Post SEO Meta Description

SEO experts believe that Meta description tag on a page has become irrelevant. A better meta description can explain a lot more about an article.

Make sure that your meta description is SEO friendly. you have to make sure that your focus keyword in meta description is SEO friendly and search purpose. We know that metacharacter has a limit , you can use the highest 155 characters in the meta description, try to limit in this area.

Categories and Tags

Categories and tags help you sort your content not only for your reader but for yourself as well as search engines.

Make Internal Linking a Habit

When you have an internal linking content that you would want people to read. with the internal link, you can send the new reader to check out older relevant post. An internal link is a great way to develop context between new and older post WordPress allows you to search for your old posts right inside the post editor.    Click on link existing button, then open new search box select the post you want to link and press Add link button.

By adding metadata to your posts, writing good headlines, and cross-linking between your older articles, you will soon start noticing an increase in your search traffic.

We hope this article helped you to optimize the blog post of WordPress.