How to Schedule Python Script With Supervisor

In this short article, I’m going to share how to schedule a python script using supervisor. Let’s get started:

Table of Contents

  1. Install Supervisor
  2. Schedule a Script

Install Supervisor

I wrote a complete article on this for CentOS. Please finish this step from here How to Install Supervisor on CentOS 7,8. If you are using Ubuntu, please have a look at this article.

Schedule a Script

I’m showing a sample supervisor config of a service. It’ll run at 20 seconds intervals.

process_name = %(program_name)s
command = /usr/bin/python /path/to/
autostart = true
autorestart = true
stdout_logfile = /var/log/scheduler-stdout.log
stdout_logfile_maxbytes = 10MB
stdout_logfile_backups = 5
stderr_logfile = /var/log/scheduler-stderr.log
stderr_logfile_maxbytes = 10MB
stderr_logfile_backups = 5
stopwaitsecs = 20
startsecs = 0

After adding a service to supervisor, don’t forget to restart supervisor.

That’s all. Thanks for reading.