How To Install WordPress – Step By Step Complete Guideline

It’s really so easy to install WordPress. You can install WordPress in many ways. In this tutorial, I will show you the best way to install WordPress. This is also my favorite way to install WordPress.

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Let’s start. Just follow these steps.

Login to Your Web Hosting/CPanel
Create Database
Create A User
Add the User to Database
Upload WordPress to Your Host
Install WordPress

Login to Your Web Hosting/CPanel

In BlueHost, this page will apear after login. This is called Home. Click on the CPanel.

BlueHost Homepage

This is the CPanel of BlueHost.

BlueHost CPanel

Create Database

In the left search box type “database” and from the database tools click on MySQL Databases.

Seach for Database

Now create a database. Enter your database name and click on “Create Database” button. I am going to create a database named “mynotepaper”.

Enter Database Name

After clicking on “Create Database” button, you will see a confirmation message like this:

Confirm Database Message

Database creation successful. Click on “Go Back” button.

Create A User

We successfully created a database. Now we are going to create a user. Write a username here. I am going to create a new user named “mynote”.After writing your username click on “Create A User” button. You have to choose a strong password like: MnP#@2017, YoU$@2017 etc.

Creating A User

Then you will see a confirmation message like this:

User created

Database user creation successful. Now click “GO Back” button.

Add the User to Database

We successfully created a user. Now we have to give the access permission to the user. Look at the screenshot. Select your database and username. Then click on the “Add” button.

Add User to Database

You will see a screen like this:

Giving Permission to Database

Don’t forget to check “All privileges”. Then click on “Make Changes” button and go back to database page.

Upload WordPress to Your Host

We created database, user and added user to the database successfully. Now we have to upload WordPress to the hosting.

First, download the latest WordPress version from

Download WordPress

Now go back to the CPanel again from MySQL Database page.

Back to CPanel

From the left sidebar, in the search box again type “File Manager”. From the files click on “File Manager”.

File Manager

A pop-up window will visible. Select your domain and mark show hidden files. Now click on Submit button.

Opening File Manager

Now go to “public_html” folder.

Opening public_html

Then upload the in the public_html folder. Then extract the zip file and move all files to the public_html folder. It will look like:


Done ! The main task completed. Now just simple installation.

Install WordPress

We already completed the major task. Open your browser and go to your newly created website. A page will apear like this:

Select Language.

Select your language from here. I am going to select English. After selecting language, click on “Continue”. A screen like this will appear. Click on “Let’s Go”.

Let's go

Then this page will appear. Here, provide your database name, database user, user pass. Database Host will remain same as “localhost”. You can change Table Prefix like: “mnp_”, “nm_” etc. It will make your website strong and protect from the hackers.

Database Information

After fill up this form click on “Submit” button. Then this screen will come:

Run he Install

It means you database information were correct. Click on “Run the install”. Then this web page will appear. Here enter your Admin login info. Then click on “Install WordPress”.

Admin information

If all information is okay, then you will redirect to login page. Enter your Username pass password to log in. You can manually log in to your WordPress dashboard. Login URL:

Now, go to your website and you will see a screen like this:


Congratulations ! You are done. If you have any question, ask me in the comment section. Thanks.

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