How to fix WordPress RSS feed Errors

Are You facing RSS feed error on your WordPress website? Recently we got many requests on how to fix WordPress
RSS feed errors.There are various type of RSS feed errors and they may occurred for the changes in plugins and themes.In this tutorial we will demonstrate how to find and solve WordPress RSS feed errors.

Most Common RSS Feed Errors

Most common RSS feed errors are caused for the poor formatting of code. A missing line or an extra tab can interrupt your RSS feed.

The RSS error message look something like this

How to fix WordPress RSS feed Errors
Actually this error message depends on your browser that you are using now in your laptop or desktop. This error message varies in different browser. You may also face this type of error message during to see your feed.
How to fix WordPress RSS feed Errors
If You are using FeedBurner, then your error message may look like different.Let’s take a look at RSS feed error message and how to remove them.

Manually Removing RSS Feed Errors

Therefore, RSS feed show’s error because of incorrect formatting. Generally We modify our website regularly. Sometimes we add or remove code snippet in functions.php file. In the meantime we forgot or not concerned about blank space of code snippet.This poor formatting caused for a blank space after closing PHP tag in yur plugin and themes functions.php file.Remember, when you will add a code snippet in your functions.php file, at the same time you have to edit your functions.php file also. Another important thing is that, if there exists closing php tag make sure that there is not remain extra blank space.For the best practice ignore the closing PHP tag. For most cases this error can be fixed applying this tricks.

Fixing RSS Feed Error Using Plugin:

First of all you need a WordPress plugin named “Fix My Feed RSS Repair“.

  • Step-01: Install and Activate Fix My Feed RSS Repair plugin.
  • Step-02: After activation just go to Tools and click RSS Feed Fix.
  • Step-03: Now click the Fix-Feed button that’s it.

Let’s look at the image bellow:
How to fix WordPress RSS feed Errors
Finally completing above all steps you can visit and test your RSS feed with feed validator tool. Certainly this tutorial will help you to remove RSS feed errors from your website.

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