How to fix Facebook Incorrect Thumbnail Issue in WordPress

In this tutorial, we show how to fix a Facebook thumbnail issue in word press. You can follow along and learn how to fix it.

Why Facebook is not Picking up the Thumbnail Image

There are many reasons that can  prevent  facebook from correctly guessing that right thumbnail image.

I have researched this problem thoroughly and have taken the following action.

  • 1. Updated image sizes with FB’s new size specifications (560 x 292. I’ve also tried 1200 x 625).
  • Used the debugger tool, this fails to flush the image cache.
  • Only when I re-run the URL through the debug tool, adding the following, ?fbrefresh=CAN_BE_ANYTHING, does this work. But even then I have to manually upload an image.

Manually Uploading Your Thumbnail Image

If you are sharing an article on your Facebook page, and do not pick up the correct thumbnail, then you click on the upload link to upload the image you want to use.

One important note here, when you upload the image in photo section on Facebook its manually stored in photo section , if you want to delete the photo you can delete the photo . facebook will automatically show the image you uploaded as the thumbnails.

Explicitly Tell Facebook to use thumbnail of your choice

If you are using the word press  SEO   by Yoast plugin, then you can easily set a specific thumbnail image for Facebook.

When you writing the post and scroll down to Yoast  SEO meta box then click on the social tab. You will see a button  to upload a thumbnail image for Facebook.

Simply add your facebook thumbnail image there and this will fix the almost every cases.

If you have faced any further trouble issue try to remove all facebook cache.

Using Facebook Debug tool

Facebook Debug tool is the easiest way to troubleshoot  issues with Facebook open graph implementation on your word press site .

The most common error you will see:

Provided og:image is not big enough. Please use an image that’s at least 200×200 px. Image ‘’; will be used instead.

Facebook use their methods  to pick up a thumbnail image .if there any larger image inside an article then Facebook will us those image instead . we hope this article helped you resolved no thumbnail issue on wordpress.