Fix the Sidebar Below Content Error in WordPress

Many people wanted the answer to this problem; how to fix the sidebar below content error in WordPress, so today is the day where we will be sharing solutions to help you guys. So keep on reading this article if want to know how to fix the sidebar below content error in WordPress.

Why is my Sidebar dropping Below my Content?

If your WordPress theme contains a CSS or HTML error, then this probably is the reason for the sidebar dropping below the content.

How can I prevent my sidebar from dropping below the content?

This error is quite simple and easy to solve, we have resolved it so many times, and it has almost worked for everybody. So there probably is a div element on the page which is unclosed, or there might be an additional div present at the end, which may result in the display of sidebar, outside of the wrap element.

First and foremost you need to recall the beginning of this error, is it a recent occurrence? Is it showing in a particular page or post? You need to implement these simple steps if the answer to these questions is a YES.

  • Think about the things you altered in recent times
  • It could a change in plugin, post or html
  • Close the tags in a post, if they are not closed correctly
  • Use a W3 Validator to look for the error
  • Look at the chart displayed below, to get to know about the issue :
    How to Fix the Sidebar Below Content Error in WordPress


    Try these solutions mentioned below, if you have recently developed a custom theme on your WordPress:

    Improper width ratio: You need to place your content in accordance to the container’s width; let’s take a look at an example if the container width is 960px, then you need to make your content width 600px, sidebar width 300px with the 60px margin between them to fulfill the proportions properly.

    Improper float usage: Just ensure that if you are placing the float on the left, then you have to place a float on the right on the appropriate elements. You need to use float correctly, for it to function correctly.

    That’s all for this article, we hope that we have helped in solving the sidebar below content error in WordPress.

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