Basic Docker Commands at a Glance

We should know some basic Docker commands. Let’s have a look.

List of docker images:

docker images

List of running containers:

docker ps

Stop a container:

docker stop [conatiner name/ID]

Delete docker image:

# delete
docker rmi [image name/ID]

# force delete
docker rmi -f [image name/ID]

Stop and remove all of the Docker containers:

# stop all
docker rm -vf $(docker ps -a -q)

# delete all
docker rmi -f $(docker images -a -q)

Run command in docker container from outside of the container:

# structure
docker exec <container-name/ID> <your-command>

# example (run command in Laravel container)
docker exec b2fe1b8dac0f php artisan --version

Login to container:

docker exec -it <container-name/ID> bash

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