Python Find Square Root of a Positive and Complex Number

In this snippet, we'll learn how to find the square root of a positive and complex number.

Positive Number

Using exponent operator:

num = 49
square_root = num ** 0.5

print(square_root)  # 7.0

Using math module:

import math

num = 49
square_root = math.sqrt(num)

print(square_root) # 7.0

Complex/Real Number

Using cmath (complex math) module:

import cmath

num = 1 + 2j
num_sqrt = cmath.sqrt(num)

print('Square root is: {1:0.3f}+{2:0.3f}j'.format(num, num_sqrt.real, num_sqrt.imag))

# output: Square root is: 1.272+0.786j

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