How to Fix the Missed Scheduled Post Error in WordPress

One of the best features of word press is the ability to Schedule your post ahead of time. This feature automatically published at a specified time.  You might not always want to publish your blog posts immediately after you finish them. Let assume you are going to vacation and make sure you have content being published while you are away.  When you are in a different time zone, you don’t want to worry about getting up at odd hours to publish a post. You can simply relax and enjoy your vacation while Word Press schedule post feature do the work for you. So, in this article, we will share fix the missed Scheduled post Error in WordPress.

How WordPress Missed Scheduled plugin work?

The plugin looks for posts that have missed their scheduled time. If it finds a post that missed that it’s schedule and saved it correctly .and now if you save correctly check your resource on the server, it happens to cycle wise after 5 minutes.

Someone told that the scheduled post feature is not working. We found that there are also some complaints about missing schedule posts and schedule post errors in the word press Trac. It is actually a security issue on word press 3.5, this issue planned to be updated on word press 3.5 and it will be Solved.

You are probably amazed that the issue of WordPress 3.5, then how come the plugin has 37,000+ download. Well, the plugin has been around for some time now because this issue is not just with WordPress 3.5. It happens when your server configuration does not play nice with the default WP Cron. This issue mainly for your web hoster, ask your hosting company to fix this problem.

We are hopefully this issue fixed the problem.